The love between our relationships is like a plant with soft stems, leaves and buds. We want it to grow. Grow with time.         But a plant doesn't grow on it's own it needs time and care.  Too much of care can harm it. Like too much of watering a plant can... Continue Reading →



Your flowing question one after the other, and you asked me to say something in return. I was silent.   You forget that you once told me that my eyes speak louder than my mouth, then why? Why?  Do you need answers in words, words I don't want to say. I was silent. Silent  because I... Continue Reading →


You ask me why I gaze at stars?                     -In a hope that you might be looking at the same constellation of stars I'm looking to. This way I can see you.                            ... Continue Reading →


Stop making attachments to the people who don't make commitments.                      If one has no goals what will he achieve then.

Heart πŸ’œ

My little heart, Do you hide yourself behind those tough ribs? Are you afraid of the world outside and keep shut those lips? What are you afraid of? What are you thinking of? My little heart, I know people misunderstand and consider your decision as peurile, But do they actually know how many times you... Continue Reading →

Sweet Story🍫

Chocolates are almost everyone's favourite and how perfectly they can lift our mood.  And I feel that the special women in our lives are more sweeter than chocolate. They fill sweetness in our soar, bitter and spicy lives.  Seriously women are angels on earth. They make everything go right. They jazz up our mood when... Continue Reading →

To love a writer.

Do you have a courage to fall in love?  In love with an artist? In love with a writer?  Will it be okay if they can describe your smile with their words? Do you agree on loosing when it comes to express your love through words? Will it be okay if you lose your control... Continue Reading →

How should I thank you!

How should  I thank to your voice like raw honey, dipped in aged wine and made sweeter by the way in which you choose to use your words! How should I thank you for the ocean full of ways you show your love, more than you say that you do! How should I thank you... Continue Reading →

The versatile blogger award.Β 

This is my first ever nomination and I am very Thankful to Simran sachdev for nominating me and making me introduce to a new thing on WordPress. The Versatile Blogger Award features bloggers who love what they do and show their passion virtually.  As the web page about the Versatile Blogger Award says: Honor those bloggers... Continue Reading →

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