​Like sun,                                                           you too rise every morning. Your face glistens,                                ... Continue Reading →

ChAngE 🍃

I don't know why I can't sleep at nights. Where I am supposed to sleep after working all day, here I am awake at last. And that what has changed. I think how time changes. How people and seasons change. How the color of a rose change. CHANGE is a universal fact. Change do effect.... Continue Reading →

“Game of Fame”

his is the type of topic on which I wanted to write from one year back when I lost my friend. But there was something which was stopping me to do this. There was a fear in my heart that I would cry if I started writing on it. But soon when it's almost one... Continue Reading →

Nine Months 💜

Love, trust and all those understanding How can you hide emotions, You're bad at pretending, We fought more than the times we met, But how could I say the things didn't set. One, three, six and nine, All the months passed as fine. Nine months down and many more to come, I will always love... Continue Reading →


Its 22:22 when I am writing this. I hanged up the call right now and came here to write this. I am sitting on the stairs, where the roof is opened and watching the stars and hear the sound of bands from a marriage nearby. My mind couldn't decide whether these sounds are pleasant or... Continue Reading →

ताre ⭐

Jese toote hue taaro ko dekh ke ham ek khwaish maangte hai..Wo khwaish itni khaas hoti hai ki toot te hue taare ko dekh wahi dimaag me sabse pehle aati hai.. Wo taara toot ta hai lekin toot te toot te bhi wo hamari sbse pyari sabse khaas khwaish puri karta jata hai.. Jab wo... Continue Reading →

Amity or animosity? 

​One evening I asked my mom, that which is the harder feeling that is to either love someone or to hate them. My mother was quiet. She has nothing to say about love. Maybe she thinks that this is not my age in which I can Discuss upon what actually love is? But my mom... Continue Reading →

What was loving him like? 

​​Loving him was like purposely walking on the thorns rather than walking on a fine grass, when it was so high just to hit the ground and like walking in the direction where it was a dead end. Loving him was like drinking a cup of liquid which you know is nothing but poison. I... Continue Reading →

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